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Aeronautics-dedicated weighing assemblies

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Embedded or portable weighing systems



CAPTELS designs, manufactures and installs centre-of-gravity weighing and calculation systems for various types of machines, for world-renowned manufacturers and maintenance operators, such as :


  • AIRBUS for the AIRBUS A380, AIRBUS A340 and AIRBUS A330,
  • DASSAULT for the Falcion aircraft including the F7X,
  • EUROCOPTER for the entire range, including Tigre and NH90,
  • and AIRLINE COMPANIES in France and abroad.



Our products are developed with the following objectives :

  • High-precision measurements,
  • simplicity of use,
  • simplicity of set-up (for mobile assemblies),
  • security of weighing operations.

On the strength of the experience acquired by CAPTELS, we can develop specific applications to client specifications.




Aeronautical portable weighing for light planes



Aeronautic embedded platform scale for Airbus 380, AIRBUS A340 and AIRBUS A330



Examples (mobile or built-in)


Aeronautical portable weighing for commercial aircrafts Dassault Falcon F7X

Our weighing assemblies use the latest technological advances in electronic weighing and gauge sensors (spring balances with strain gauges).

Real-time transmission of weighing data to the central processing unit is available via cables or microwave radio link.

Giant screen in a weighing site for AIRBUS A380, AIRBUS A340 and AIRBUS A330 Our softwares specially designed for the aeronautics sector, facilitate data acquisition, the smooth running of the weighing operation, calculation of the centre of gravity, and management of the weighing files stored in a secure database.
The portable equipment does not require any external power supply - it is totally autonomous. Aeronautic portable platform scales
Portable weighing system Our weighing assemblies are calibrated in real masses (better precision) linked to national standards.



The CAPTELS design and manufacture systems are a guarantee of product quality and follow-up.



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