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Since it was founded in the mid-1980s, the French company CAPTELS has been the forerunner in portable weighing systems for the axle loads of road vehicles.

At the beginning these weighing operations were conducted in static mode (vehicle at a standstill with weighing apparatus under each axle). Using the developments in electronic components, CAPTELS innovated and was the first company to offer weighing capabilities for moving vehicles.

CAPTELS was soon considered the leader in the field of vehicle weighing and moved on towards specific applications, thanks to the experience acquired in the aeronautics and automobile sectors. In parallel, the renown of the company’s products enabled it to move into different industrial fields with a high demand for weighing/dosing systems.

CAPTELS clients include all the big names in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics and automobile sectors, as well as governmental departments for roads, customs, the military, etc.

A large proportion of the company’s turnover is made abroad, particularly with equipment destined for official checks to prevent vehicle overloads.

Over time CAPTELS has grown, creating various departments dedicated to client service: development and manufacture of standard or specific products, and turnkey solutions designed and sold by CAPTELS.


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