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Portable axle weighbridge

Weighing of road vehicles in

dynamic mode (low speed) or static mode


CAPTELS, the specialist in vehicle weighing and the prevention of overloads, designs and develops a range of automatic or manual measurement systems covering all the needs of users in the field of vehicle weighing.




Regulatory weighing - Prevention of road overloads :


Equipment designed for authorized staff in the field of overload prevention (static mode only).

Check of road overload - weighing on parking of motorway with police officer

Weighing for interna checks :


  • Checks on axle loads before vehicles are put on the roads,
  • checks on loading and unloading operations and transport safety.
Weighing portable track for truck or other vehicles To avoid transfers of loads, it is often necessary to use a driving track or short ramps with our weighbridges.


Display of weihing data and results :

  • In static mode with or not a laptop PC,
  • in dynamic mode with or not a laptop PC.
Weighing electronic


Processing, editing and backups of weighing data :


The software associated with the weighing systems (dynamic and static) allow :

  • The management of vehicle entries/exits and the checks on axle loads,
  • the regulatory weighing and the prevention of overloads.


The CAPTELS design and manufacture systems are a guarantee of product quality and follow-up.



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